579 Ontario St,  St Catharines, ON  L2N 4N8 We do store sales only.  We do NOT ship products.

Store Hours:

Monday - Friday 9:00am -5:30pm   

Saturday 8:00am 5:00pm   

Closed Sunday

Ramaker’s Specializes

in Dutch Imports.

At least 80% of the products sold are imported directly from Holland. Meat products and fresh baked goods are an exception, they are supplied by Dutch butchers and bakeshops from the area. Ramaker’s imports has over 2000 different products in stock, and offers shoppers the latest popular Dutch products. For example Senseo one cup Koffie packs, all kinds of Indonesian products like spices, mixes, sambal, krupuk (both fried and un-fried) and ketjap sauce with brand names like Conimex.

The candy section causes one to wax nostalgic. It does give you a memory of the days when you could go into one of these stores and get sour candies and all kind of sweets just for pennies.

The biggest draw to the store still is the Dutch Gouda  cheese with next candies and as specialty the licorice. There are 144 Candy Bins all filled with different sorts of candy & Drop =.(Licorice)

Cheese sales is approximately 2 ton per week. The Ramakers attribute this large volume of sales to their prices special for cheese but also for all other products they are the cheapest you find in Ontario. Make a trip and you will see it yourself.

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